For a very long time, brides have been wearing their dupatta in a similar manner. Well, we strongly feel that it needs to be changed now. Wearing the bridal dupatta properly is imperative if you want to do complete justice to your wedding lehenga. How you wrap that beautiful piece around yourself can make or break your look. So, just for the amazing brides-to-be, here are some new and different ways to wear a bridal dupatta. And, if you have even the slightest of apprehension in being experimental with your looks, just don’t worry as all these styles are approved by the experts of the fashion world.

1. Double up your style game with Double Dupatta

The double dupatta style is a very traditional and royal way of draping the bridal dupatta with the bridal lehenga. It adds that regal and sophisticated touch to a bride’s overall look. The best way to flaunt this style is to have two different dupattas in different colours and materials to create contrasting layers.

2. Do it Gujarati style

Gujarati style of wearing a dupatta is a really beautiful one. However, some brides also find this way of draping the bridal dupatta to be a little casual. Well, if you too think the same then instead of going with this style for your wedding day, you can try this at your mehendi ceremony.

3. A free Front Flowing drape

If you have a simple dupatta, wear it the way Anju Modi directs. Wrap it up in front just the way you would do with your scarf. It is quite similar to Deepika’s Mastani look. It will create beautiful ripples in front. What’s more? This style will allow you to move more freely as well.