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There are several ways to get in touch with the Muppet Wiki community including right here on the wiki, social media, and email...

To reach out to one of the founders or administrators of the wiki, see Muppet Wiki:Admins for a list of links to our user pages. From there, you can leave a message on our talk page using the wiki software.

If you're the parent or guardian of a dependent who has been blocked from editing the wiki, please read Muppet Wiki:Behavior.

General discussion as it pertains to the wiki should be held at the Forum:Index. Please be sure to read the Rules and Etiquette clearly defined in the lead. Additional information regarding protocol for communication among wiki editors can be found at Muppet Wiki:Communication.

In terms of our social media feeds β€” including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube β€” we can be reached via direct message on our Twitter account.

For press inquiries, official correspondence, or issues requiring discretion, you can reach out to us via email at, but please be advised that this is not checked on a daily basis. This should only be used when talk pages, wiki forum, and social media are not an option.

To submit a technical support request about website mechanics with our web host, Fandom, please use their form on Zendesk.