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Sesame Street
Big Bird, Snuffy and friends hike
Air date April 15, 2005
Season Season 36 (2005)
Written by Belinda Ward
Production December 2, 2004
Sponsors U, 8
Releases HBO Max


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Healthy Moment: Super Grover explains how walking is a super way to be healthy and strong. So instead of flying in the air, Super Grover decides to walk.
SCENE Maria and Luis are packing their backpacks, when Big Bird and Snuffy come by singing "A-hiking they will go." Big Bird suddenly notices the viewer and welcomes them to Sesame Street. He says that he and Snuffy are going on a hike with Maria and Luis.
SCENE, cont'd Snuffy asks what a hike is and why they are doing it. Maria and Luis explain that hiking is like walking and how it is great exercise and fun to do. Also, there are a lot of things for them to look at along the hike. Big Bird wonders if they might see a dancing spider along the way. Gabi comes out to say goodbye to her parents and tells them she will take care of the Mail It Shop while they are gone.
SCENE, cont'd Just as they are about to go, Snuffy and Big Bird start to look sad. Maria asks what is wrong and finds out that Big Bird wants to be the leader of the group, but Snuffy also wants to be the leader. Luis suggests that they can take turns, which makes Big Bird and Snuffy happy. Big Bird is the leader first, and they all sing "A-hiking we will go."
SCENE, cont'd After a few steps, Big Bird suddenly stops and spots a tree near the Mail-It Shop. He and Snuffy observe the tree up close and learn about its bark and leaves. Gabi notices that they are still there; she thought they were going on their hike. After they observe the tree and wave goodbye to Gabi again, Snuffy becomes the leader and leads Big Bird, Maria, and Luis on their hike as they continue singing.
SCENE, cont'd After a few more steps at Hooper's Store, Snuffy stops, saying it is snack time. Maria and Luis are confused, but Snuffy explains that observing the tree was making him hungry. Big Bird agrees since food gives them energy and while they have their snack, they also can sing the snacking song, which sounds similar to "A-hiking we will go."
SCENE, cont'd From Maria's backpack, Luis retrieves the snack he made -- trail mix made of raisins, granola, and sunflower seeds. Big Bird and Snuffy never have had trail mix before, but they are willing to try it. The two enjoy the trail mix, but just before Maria and Luis are about to eat some, Big Bird tells them it is time to go back on their hike and this time he is leading.
SCENE, cont'd After a few steps from Hooper’s Store, Big Bird stops and notices a pebble on the ground. Maria and Luis don’t find it interesting, but Big Bird and Snuffy think it is because the pebble has pretty colors and is very shiny. As they are observing the pebble, Gabi notices again that they are still there. Maria tells Big Bird and Snuffy that they should continue on since there are other interesting things off Sesame Street. The group says goodbye again to Gabi and continues on their way.
SCENE, cont'd Big Bird suddenly stops for a rest. Maria and Luis point out that they have yet to leave Sesame Street, but Big Bird says that resting is good when you feel tired. As they rest, they sing the resting song, and Big Bird and Snuffy rest on the ground. Just as Maria and Luis are about to rest on the ground too, Snuffy announces that they are done resting and are ready to go on their hike. Snuffy hopes they will see another pebble, and Big Bird hopes they might see a tap-dancing spider along the way. Maria doesn’t think they might see a tap-dancing spider until the group hears a tapping sound.

SCENE, cont'd The group goes over to a crate and sees a spider (Carmen Osbahr) tap dancing. Luis counts its eight legs, and Maria counts its eight tap shoes. Both of them are amazed, and Snuffy comments that it is almost as exciting as the pebble.
SCENE, cont'd Gabi once more notices the group is still there. Big Bird and Snuffy comment on how far they've hiked and the great things they've seen along the way, such as a pebble and a tree. Maria feels excited after seeing the tap-dancing spider and can’t wait to see what other things they will see on their hike. However, Big Bird and Snuffy declare it is time for their nap since hiking has tired them.
SCENE, cont'd As Big Bird and Snuffy leave, Maria feels sad since she wanted to go on a hike, but Luis tells her that the two of them can still go. So Luis and Maria say another goodbye to Gabi and head off on their hike. They comment on what great things they might see along the way like a pebble, a tree, or an elephant doing somersaults. As they walk by Oscar's trash can, they hear crashes and elephant sounds coming from within. They decide it is best not to know and continue on their hike.
Song "Walk!"
(First: Episode 3830)

Muppets / Celebrity Destiny's Child performs "A New Way to Walk" with Grover, Elmo and Zoe.
(First: Episode 3984)
Film Kids narrate footage of toddlers learning to walk.
(First: Episode 3025)
cut from the Max version
Muppets The Letter of the Day: U
Cookie Monster puts the letter of the day, U, on a rocket and sends it away, but it comes back.
(First: Episode 3994)
Song "My Friend U"
(First: Episode 3705)
Cartoon U knocks on the door of P's apartment. When she answers the door, they go UP.
(First: Episode 3658)
Film The letter U dances at the beach.
(First: Episode 3529)
Muppets Spanish Word of the Day: salta
Rosita tries to see if we can guess what salta means. The Elephant, Narf, and a chicken show us the meaning by jumping and we learned that salta is the Spanish word for "jump."
(First: Episode 4075)
cut from the Max version
Film A girl learns how to jump rope.
(First: Episode 3397)
Cartoon Healthy Food Song: Grapes
Muppets Elmo helps present the Sign Language Moment of the Day, "exercise."
Cartoon A caterpillar sings "Exercise Song."
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 2839)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentMurray Monster and a kid talk about exercise.
Muppets Ernie & Bert: Ernie sings "I Love My Toes", about how amazing his toes are. His own toes inspire Bert, but Ernie has gone to sleep. So, he shares his newfound fascination with Bernice on the windowsill.
Film Feet wearing all different types of shoes dance.
(First: Episode 2601)
cut from the Max version
Muppets Global Grover: Dressed in sheep's clothing, Grover has just returned from the deserts of Arizona where he learned about a family of sheep herders. Just as he's about to sign off, a group of Muppet sheep arrive to take him back to Arizona with the rest of the herd.
(First: Episode 4055)

Film The Number of the Day: A remake of the Number Song Series brings forth 8.
(First: Episode 4086)
Cartoon The Bellhop has to bring 8 steamer trunks down 8 flights of stairs.
(First: Episode 2511)
Video Eight children dance in a colorblock grid.
(First: Episode 3115)
Cartoon Suzie Kabloozie: Judge #8
(First: Episode 3893)
Muppets Elmo's World: Feet
(First: Episode 4048)
Insert The Adventures of Trash Gordon:
Chapter 648
The Planet Dirty Laundry: The smelly dirty laundry runs away when confronted with Flash's box of laundry detergent.

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