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Points to keep in mind before choosing a destination in India

Choosing a destination is itself a hassle. Long weekends, where to go, what to do. Uggh!

So many questions?

Worry not, it’s not that very difficult as one could make it out to be.

Take out a paper and write down the points needed to make this decision.

àWhat’s the purpose of your travelling?

àWhere do you want to travel?

àWhat ‘s the budget for travel?

àWho all would be accompanying you and how are you going to manage the expenses?

àHow are going to travel as in medium of transportation needed?

Now, choose a destination and decide on the following questions-

àWhere will you stay?

àWhat all are you going to visit over that place?

Different places hold different beauties in sight. Not only you could visit the famous places or could go out on a solitary retrieve but you could learn a lot from different places and their local people.

It all depends whether you want to be a traveler or tourist?

Do you want to travel and see different places and come back and upload all those pictures or do want to travel and maybe learn the local language, make memories with the local people and come back with the knowledge that you gained an experience?

Lately, people have forgotten the real essence of travelling. They go to places and spend time in clicking pictures and the upload it on social media websites. They don’t understand the real meaning behind travelling. In-fact the true reason, no one finds peace even after travelling is because their objective is not clear. Pictures might give your next display picture update on websites but it won’t give the satisfaction of learning something new, creating, building or just feeling the presence of that place around you.

Travel to explore. Different places, their histories, the reason for their existence. Maybe you’ll find peace in the most unexpected places.

Keep exploring, keep travelling.

Good luck, Good-bye!


Top 5 Wedding Destinations in India

You both say “I do” and the next thing on your mind is to plan TheBig Day with your loved ones. You choose the place that best describes you in all its style and grandeur. India, the landknown for its traditional and splendid appeal is a home toexquisitebeaches and palaces and forts. The country offers a gamut of destinations that can play out your wedding fairy tale and give everyone a lifetime of cherished memories and a reason for a getaway from the rut.

We present to you the top 5 wedding destinations to ring your wedding bells:

Udaipur:If you’re all in for the utopian wedding you always wanted, Udaipur is the place for you. The luxurious and elegant palaces and forts with picturesque views are absolutely breath taking. Popular hotel chains offer moderate to high budget events. The city of lakes with its romantic ambience and royal charm is sure to give you your wedding experience as one of its kind.

Places to check out:

Fort Fatehgarh

The Oberoi Udaivilas

Ramada Udaipur Resorts

The Leela Palace

Jodhpur:Get ready to be enchanted by this paradisiacal wedding destination. From a lavish to simple yet graceful affair, the place offers endless customizations to fitevery budget. An epitome of scenic beauty, art and culture, Jodhpur can provide a backdrop of multifarious urbane locations by the silhouette of the Aravali ranges, dunes and lakes.

Places to check out:


Umaid Bhawan Palace

Bijolai Palace

Goa: Goa is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations where you are spoilt for choices. Be it taking the vows by the sunset on a beach or a classy resort, Goa has it all to become every bit of exotic. With breeze in the hair, flowy attires and serene landscapes, are you ready to indulge in the land of Indian pearl of the orient?

Places to check out:

Zeebop by the Sea

Cidade De Goa

The Leela – Inspired by the Vijayanagara Palace

The Zuri White Sands

The Andamans: Fan of the natural scenery of crashing aquamarine waves and pristine beaches? This is the perfect place to get hitched, away from the hustle and bustle. The island boasts of adequate accommodation facilities with a wide array of luxurious hotel chains as well. It is recommended however, to book the venues well in advance.

Places to check out:

SilverSand Beach Resort

Munjoh Ocean Resort

Kovalam: If you are the ones who want their wedding by the endless, silhouetted coconut groves and the expanse of the horizon of the Arabian Sea with traditional music and culinary delights, God’s own country is the place. Kovalam,the quiet and laidback beach town in Kerala has found its place among the popular wedding destinations, internationally.

Places to check out:

Niraamaya – Surya Samudra, Kovalam

The Leela Kovalam

Vivanta By Taj, Green Cove


Bridal Beauty Basics: 10 Beauty Emergencies and Their Quick Fixes

Waking up on your wedding day with puffy eyes, dark circles, a bloated look or a pimple is avoidable. Today, we are enlisting common wedding day emergencies which can occur despite one’s best intentions as well as ways in which to handle them.

Dark Circles:

  • Why you get them: Under eye dark circles are often a result of genes, stress, improper diet or other lifestyle habits.
  • What you can do to avoid them: Eat plenty of antioxidant foods like fruits and vegetables and drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. Use sunscreen based moisturizer.
  • Beauty fix: Make a mixture of cooked coffee and coconut oil. Apply the paste to the eye region, avoiding the eyes. The caffeine will help reduce the pigmentation and increase circulation in the region while the coconut oil will soothe and heal. Wash off after 30 minutes.

Puffy eyes

  • Why you get them: Under eye bags could be a result of late nights, lack of sleep, improper diet and dehydration.
  • What you can do avoid them: Drink plenty of water. Apply a vitamin C based serum or under eye cream every day and limit your salt and alcohol intake. Sleep with the head elevated so that fluid is not retained under the eyes.
  • Beauty fix for wedding day: Place moistened tea bags (or a stainless steel spoon) in the freezer for half an hour. Apply the cool surface to the eyes for 10 minutes. Alternatively cut a few slices of potatoes or cucumber and place them on the eyes. This will increase the circulation and reduce puffiness. For extreme eye bags, go in for Laser skin tightening.
  • Belly Bloat
    • Why it occurs-Bloating is caused due to excess of food and drink intake. Sodas and carbonated drinks as well as certain vegetables like beans etc can all cause excess gas in the intestine. Some women also tend to get bloated prior to the monthly cycle.
    • What you can do to avoid it: Include probiotic foods in the diet. Observe what foods lead to the bloating and, if needed, keep a food diary to eliminate those culprits.
    • Beauty fix for wedding day: Try drinking digestive tea like peppermint, fennel, lavender, green tea etc. Have a light meal. Drink plenty of water.


    • Why: A zit on the wedding day can be devastating. If you are not normally prone to acne, it could be the stress of the wedding and improper diet that has caused it.
    • What you can do to prevent acne- Talk to a dermatologist if you normally get pimples. Generally a regimen of gentle cleaner along with a Benzoyl Peroxide or Retinol based cream can help prevent acne.  In severe cases, antibiotics might be the only solution. Avoid facials and beauty treatments that promise clearer skin before the big day.
    • Beauty fix for wedding day: Apply a bit of honey and lemon juice on the zit for a few minutes and wash off with the mild cleanser. This will reduce scarring and swelling that accompanies the acne. Ask your beautician/makeup stylist to use non-comedogenic/non-acnegenic products to conceal the acne.
    • Dry and Flaky skin
      • Why: Many brides-to-be face this problem especially in the winters. Dry skin also results from drinking an inadequate quantity of water.
      • What you can do to avoid it: Drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated and smooth. Diet should also be rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. A good non-pore-clogging moisturizer with SPF can usually solve the problem.
      • Beauty fix for the wedding day: Apply some coconut oil prior to applying makeup. This can prevent flaky and irritated skin.

      Over-tweezed eyebrows-

      • Why-If you have done your eyebrows yourself, then chances of over-tweezing can go up considerably.
      • What to do to avoid this- Comb the eyebrows, and only tweeze out the extra hair. (Thicker eyebrows are in vogue these days!). Go to a professional for getting them done; do not try to save money on this essential beauty regime.
      • Beauty fix for the wedding day: Take an eyebrow pencil that is the same shade as your brows and fill in the gaps. Use short, quick strokes. Your brows should grow back within four weeks.

      Frizzy hair

      • Why: Humidity is one of the main culprits apart from genes and improper styling products.
      • What to do to avoid it: Use an anti-frizz shampoo and always apply coconut or argan oil on the night before you shampoo your hair. You can use a smoothening serum. A conditioner is also a must after shampooing.
      • Beauty fix for the wedding day: Apply some hand lotion to the flyaway hair to weigh it down, if you do not have hair smoothening serum at hand. Do not use too much or the effect could be greasy.
      • Shiny oily T-Zone
        • Why: Heredity, tendency to oily skin, improper cosmetics.
        • What to do to avoid it– Always use oil free makeup. Carry a compact powder to dab on the nose for removing excess oil.
        • Beauty fix for the wedding day: Blot off the excess oil with a toilet paper/tissue paper if you do not have a compact on hand.

        Oily Hair

        • Why: Heredity,  excess DHT production, bad diet, stress are the triggers of oily scalp and hair.
        • What to do to avoid it– Check your DHT levels. Also, avoid sleeping on cotton-based pillow covers. Avoid the use of heavy conditioners as these can lead to greasy look. Drink more water and green tea. Shampoo every other day using a clearing shampoo.
        • Beauty fix for the wedding day: Wash the hair on the morning of the wedding. If the hair still gets oily after a while, take some alcohol-based hand wipes or hand gel and rub it through the hair. The alcohol is dehydrating and can help absorb excess oil from the follicles. Alternatively, rub in some dry shampoo or baby powder through the hair and brush off excess. This is a neat trick to get you through in between hair washes.

        Runny Mascara

        • Why– Using non-waterproof mascara, getting emotional during the vows?
        • What to do to avoid it: Always use water-proof makeup.
        • Beauty fix for the wedding day– Grab a baby wipe, a Q-tip, or a tissue and fix it. If you do not have these on hand, you can try getting some coconut oil or olive oil from the wedding venue’s kitchen, wiping off the excess.  If you have a concealer pen, use the same on the black traces left behind by the runny mascara.

        We hope you do not have to face any of these beauty emergencies, but if you do, you are now equipped to handle them!


Top Tips To Help you Stay More Organised On Your Wedding Day

Women often spend months organising, planning and thinking through every detail of their wedding to make sure it flows as smoothly as possible from start to finish. What often goes unplanned for, are small incidents that can pop up during the getting ready process. But, with the right checklist in mind, you can plan for the unexpected and get ready to take on your big day with confidence.

1. Collect the necessities
Finding a bridal tote bag is perfect for storing all of your wedding-day essentials and keeping them in one, easy-to-access spot, so you’re not running around looking for items that you need.
2. Carry those wardrobe maintenance items
We all know how important the wedding lehenga/sari is for Indian brides. Make sure your lehenga/sari is beautiful as you walk down the aisle by keeping a needle and thread on hand in case there are any loose strands or jewels. You might also want a protective bag to keep it in until you’re ready to wear it. Find the proper support and coverage for your gown or wedding day outfit by keeping a skin-toned strapless bra in your bag to hold your outfit in place throughout the day. Safety pins are also important on the day.
3. Keep makeup items handy
Many Indian brides strive to wear red at their wedding, as it is a symbolic color. Red lipstick is a beautiful option for bringing the pop of color to your bridal look. Makeup remover and cotton swabs are essential for cleaning up any smudges or streaks, especially with waterproof products.

4. Give a thought to meds etc.
Nervousness or excitement can physically affect your body, leaving a bride experiencing heartburn, an upset stomach or light-headedness. A bridal kit should include a small snack, a bottle of water, some mints, antacids and Tylenol or Aspirin to ease the stomach or soothe a headache.

5. Don’t forget those extra touches
Every bride is different, so you might think of your own special items that you’d like to have in your bridal kit. Maybe it’s some extra pieces of jewellery, in case you want an additional touch of sparkle to your look, or maybe it’s small thank-you gifts for individuals that go out of their way to help make your day special. No matter what it is, think ahead and don’t stress about the small stuff, but be thankful for how everything comes together to create the perfect wedding day.


Step by Step Guide To Complete Bridal Care 3 Months Before Wedding

To make the start of your new life perfect, you need to start a pre bridal skin and hair care regime. Connect with our listed wedding beauty specialists who can give you a complete consultation and suggest the right hair removal, nail and skin treatment options for specific issues. Discuss your wedding day makeup vision with them so they can help you make it a reality.

Here are some more things we propose:

Waxing/hair removal
Make sure you have adequate hair growth before waxing to avoid ingrowth and unsightly bumps. It is best to stop shaving or using hair removal creams as these can lead to skin discoloration, rough skin, ingrowth and a host of other issues. It is best to do a final wax a week before the wedding day
Chemically treated hair
In case you have chemically straightened your hair, avoid swimming in chlorinated pools or using very hot water for washing it. If you want to colour your hair, seek consultation of a colour specialist.

Three months prior to the wedding
Consult with a hair colour specialist to decide the right colour/highlight options. You can also discuss enhancements and hair length to decide the hair style for the big day and other events.

This is also a good time for a skin consultation. Avoid any harsh skin treatments like microdermabrasion or laser treatments-these should be done at least 6 months before the wedding. For acne and sun damaged skin; you could go in for skin lightening facial treatments. These help you get rid of blemishes giving you a radiant skin tone. Your skincare specialists can also suggest the right home hair care routine for you to follow.

Today, you can get treatments for hair removal which prevents razor burn and ingrown hair. They are suitable for all skin types. Schedule a hair, nail and facial treatment every 4 weeks.
2-3 Months prior to wedding
Try your bridal outfit with your hairstylist and makeup specialist in attendance. They can suggest the right colours and hair style to suit the same. If your dress has a veil or you want to wear matha patti or head jewelry, arrange a trial hair/makeup session. This way you can choose the right colours and jewelry for them.

One week away
Schedule an appointment with the colouring specialist for touch up if needed. Get a hair spa done. This is also the time to get your eyebrows shaped. You can also have your arms, legs and bikini area waxed.


5 Wedding Lehenga Fabrics For The Indian Bride

A wedding lehenga may be the most important wedding keepsake that a bride has in her cupboard; one that she would happily give to the next generation. Just like there are different bridal tastes, there are also different wedding lehenga fabrics that can make you look and feel ethereal. So, how do you choose the perfect one for yourself?

We take a look at 5 of the most popular types of wedding lehenga fabrics that are adorned by Indian brides all through the year.
Georgette or Chiffon
If you are sure that you don’t want your wedding lehenga to look and feel very heavy, then this is the right fabric choice to make. In fact, chiffon is a fabric that can be worn by curvier brides as well as it helps define a woman’s figure. Plus, with the right embroidery, you’ll have a wedding lehenga that looks nothing short of royal. If you have decided to have a summer wedding or even a garden wedding, then this is the fabric we’d recommend to keep you feeling cool.

Velvet used to be much in demand in the early 60’s and 70’s when it wasn’t unusual to spot this fabric on dresses, women’s pants and even in men’s coats. Today, velvet has made a strong comeback because it shows off deep shades beautifully. In fact, one doesn’t even need much embroidery on the wedding lehenga at all. Brides who choose this fabric will feel cosy and comfortable all evening wearing it, which is why it’s often recommended for winter weddings. We suggest going with royal shades like wine red, maroon, leaf green and midnight blue.

Silk is the wedding lehenga fabric of choice for brides who want a classy elegant look without going overboard on the design or embroidery. Silk looks beautiful when worn for a night time wedding and if you have a small frame, then raw silk should be the fabric you opt for. You’ll find that pure silk doesn’t irritate your skin, is naturally soft and will keep you comfortable for a long time. Its no surprise then that it’s a favourite with designers too.

Wearing this wedding lehenga fabric will make you feel nothing short of a princess. It can be worn for both a day time or a night time function and will show off your silhouette beautifully. Besides, many designers have net lehenga collections that are nothing short of awesome because even threadwork looks gorgeous on this fabric. Whether you are naturally tall or short, net is for everyone.

Organic Cotton
Cotton was often the last wedding lehenga fabric of choice for native brides but not any longer. The modern Indian bride wants to look gorgeous but also doesn’t want to compromise on her comfort. And if that defines you, then organic cotton to keep your skin cool and comfortable is the way to go. Besides, even if you want to keep the design simple, you’ll find that threadwork and lace trimmings will enhance your outfit well.


5 Reasons To Plan Your Wedding Online!

For years, you’ve been reading about what’s hot and what’s not, what’s in and what’s in the bin, what makes one pout and what’s out on our blog. But today, we’re going to tell you why an online resource (like weddingsonline) is your best buddy when it comes to wedding planning.

Everything that you see or read online isn’t necessarily endorsed or certified which is why it’s understandable that many people who are about to plan a wedding would prefer to rely on word of mouth referrals or go with recommendations from near and dear ones. On the other hand, here are 5 reasons why registering with an online ‘everything to do with weddings’ website makes plenty of sense:

1. Access all the Vendors you Need

You’d agree that a successful wedding depends entirely on just how well the vendors associated with the wedding carry out their individual roles. Even one tiny glitch can leave a bad taste in the mouth for your guests and ruin what should have been a memorable day. At weddingsonline , you’ll find all the vendors you would require to plan a wedding, in just one place. Yes, they’re even categorised according to the cities they cater to. Brides and their families are free to check out individual vendor profiles, consider reviews and ratings from other brides/grooms, and connect with a vendor they like for further discussions. Definitely beats running around for individual contacts!

2. You Get to Know What’s Trending

Weddings aren’t just about an auspicious ceremony any longer, they are also the hottest venues and pretty much everything else that’s trending and in vogue. So, how do you keep track of an industry where trends are born and die every other day? By reading wedding blogs regularly of course! On our blog, you’d find only the most relevant content that could make a difference to your wedding planning with real shots of real life newlywed couples. Think of our blog as a Buzzfeed for all wedding related content!

3. Get the Scoop on Celebs and Learn from Other Newlyweds!

Want to know exactly who designed Anushka Sharma’s wedding lehenga? Many top wedding blogs keep you abreast of all the juicy details you want to know about your beloved celebrities. In weddingsonline real weddings section, we cover weddings of celebrities as well those of everyday couples who have enlisted our services for planning their Big Day. So, not only do you get to understand how using our website resources has helped couples plan their special day but you also get to hear about their experiences first hand.

4. Connect with Other Like-minded Couples

Confused about what kind of a candid photographer you need for your big day? Many websites have forums and chat platforms where brides and grooms can connect with others planning their wedding. At weddingsonline, we have ‘The Shaadi Chat’ -an exclusive Facebook closed group meant for brides, grooms, parents and of course wedding vendors (designers, MUAs, photographers and venues) so you can feel free to share anything you want about your upcoming ceremony and also ask a question that’s on your mind.

5. Harness the Power of Social Media

When we talk about online wedding planning, we cannot forget Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. These are the greates resources to get ideas and inspiration and connect with the right people who can make your wedding vision a reality. At weddingsonline, we love it when our readers send individual queries, comments and concerns on our FacebookInstagram  feeds and we respond quickly to them. These are also great places to participate in fun competitions especially tailored for couples/brides-to-be. Try your hand at winning these fun giveaways that are guaranteed to thrill!

And those are the 5 main reasons to plan your shaadi online! What are your thoughts? Comment below!


7 Bridal Jewellery Styles You Need To Know About

Bridal jewellery is without doubt a very important part of a bride’s trousseau and the right jewellery can add a certain radiance to the bride’s overall glamour. Confused about which bridal jewellery style you should be opting for? Here are out top 7 picks on the perfect bridal jewellery styles you can consider when planning your bridal wear look:


With little designs and motifs featuring peacocks, flowers and even paisley, Mennakari bridal jewellery is reminiscent of the Mughal era gone by. For brides who would prefer to wear a soft pastel shade, wearing Meenakari creates a beautiful contrast that stands out.

Traditional Jewellery

All four corners of the country has a different take on what traditional gold jewellery looks like although all Indians would agree that gold is indeed an auspicious metal. Traditional Indian bridal jewellery usually consist of big jhumkas, thick gold bangles and long gold necklaces and chains. Irrespective of which shade the bride chooses, traditional gold jewellery adds a certain lustre.


Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend and when there are so many gorgeous styles available, it can often be confusing to pick out that one perfect diamond set. Diamonds when paired with contrasting coloured precious stones like rubies, sapphires or emeralds look absolutely stunning.


Platinum is for the modern bride who wants to look attractive without looking over bejewelled. Platinum is often paired with diamonds and other stones to create bridal jewellery that indeed does last a lifetime.

Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery which often highlights designs that are symbolic of the culture of the state are also gaining in popularity these days. In fact, this kind of jewellery is actually inspired by designs that can be found in gold jewellery adorning gods and goddesses in various temples across India. This kind of jewellery is often big in size and semi-precious stones are often added too. Temple jewellery is very popular with South Indian brides.

Mughal Jewellery

Temple jewellery which often highlights designs that are symbolic of the culture of the state are also gaining in popularity these days. In fact, this kind of jewellery is actually inspired by designs that can be found in gold jewellery adorning gods and goddesses in various temples across India. This kind of jewellery is often big in size and semi-precious stones are often added too. Temple jewellery is very popular with South Indian bride


Polki simply refers to diamonds that are presented and worn in a semi-polished or uncut style. Although one can thank the Mughals for this lovely bridal jewellery style, this type of jewellery has been trending for years.


Bridal Shopping Guide-Best Places to Shop for In and Around Delhi

Since you are reading this article,we can easily guess that you’ve found the man of your life and are all set to tie the knot. Congratulations and welcome to the next big chapter of your wedding planning journey-your bridal shopping! Whether you are based in Delhi or love this city for its absolutely diverse shopping destinations, here’s a detailed list of all the best places where you can go for a bridal shopping hunt. From the best lehengas to the most exotic pieces of jewellery or juttis, this bridal shopping guide Delhi has got it all covered!

Ultimate Bride Shopping Guide: Delhi

Bridal Trousseau

If bridal shopping sounds like a tough task already then consider bridal trousseau shopping a different ballgame altogether. That too when it’s Delhi. At any given time, ask your people and you’ll get to hear at least 50 recommendations. In fact, you might want to divide yourself into three to four parts so that you can accompany your cousins, besties and in-laws to their favourite wedding stores at the same time. Head over to Chandni Chowk for most of wedding shopping. Some mention-worth stores here are: Om Prakash Jawahar LalLehenga House and Sunehree.

Bridal Jewellery

Every bride deserves the finest pieces of jewellery for her big day. And when it comes to finding the finest jewellery in town, look no farther and just head to South Ex. From designer showrooms to country’s famous jewellers, in all possibility, you will find the best of the best there. That’s about precious gold and diamond jewellery pieces. If you are looking for artificial bridal jewellery then explore Khan Market, Shahpur Jat or Lajpat Nagar markets. You will find the latest designs within your budget.


Start your bridal accessories shopping from Karol Bagh. Baggit has some killer western bags in their collection which can keep for the post-wedding trips. For lingerie, head to DLF Promenade at Vasant Kunj. You’ll find exactly what you need while sticking to your shopping budget. Those who are aiming for designer potli bags for their wedding day, try FabIndia at South Extension. While the bags may look a bit overpriced but in users’ opinion, these bags are worth every penny.


Who doesn’t want to get clicked wearing golden or red stilettos perfectly matching their bridal lehenga? And who wouldn’t want to get their hands on a unique pair, perhaps, designed with intricate embroidery work? Or perhaps, an extremely comfortable pair of royal juttis when you want to ditch the heels for awhile? A couple of stores at Shahpur Jat are quite famous for their juttis for newlyweds whereas South Extension has sequinned, embellished and designer sandals that are sure to take your breath away. For exclusive designer footwear, hunt down the stores at Greater Kailash 1 and 2.

Bridal Boutiques 

Don’t have the budget for a Sabyasachi lehenga but neither do you want to wear a run-of-the-mill dress on your wedding day? Here is a list of places  home to some of the most innovative bridal boutiques in town. Hauz Khas is quite popular among the soon-to-be-weds and newlyweds. Looking for something specific? Write us in the comments section and we’ll find it for you.


10 Real Brides of Bollywood to Inspire Your Wedding Day Style

Finding the ultimate bridal look for your wedding day can be a daunting task unless some inspiration is there right in front of you. But if you have already browsed through Instagram or Pinterest boards, and not found a single steal-worthy idea then look no further! These real divas of Bollywood who left us completely charmed with their wedding looks can give you the best possible wedding style ideas.

Steal Wedding Ideas from these 10 Real Brides of Bollywood

1. Aishwarya Rai

Wondering how can you steal ideas from the wedding that took place a decade ago? Well, it might be ten years already, but we are yet to get over the breathtaking beauty of that timeless golden yellow Kanjeevaram saree Aishwarya wore on her wedding day. Designed with gold threads and Swarovski crystals, steal the idea from this Neeta Lulla creation.

2. Shilpa Shetty

Apart from her hourglass figure and the thousand-watt smile, Shilpa gave us another life goal when she got married to Raj Kundra. The red and burgundy lehenga embellished with Swarovski crystals is something to die for.


3. Bipasha Basu

One wedding and thousands of ideas to take inspiration from. Future brides of India will be forever indebted to the Bong diva, Bipasha. It’s very difficult to pick one certain look or attire from her wedding. Starting from the pre-wedding shoot to the pure Bengali bridal wear, we are smitten by the choices she made.

4. Anushka Sharma

You cannot talk about the real brides of Bollywood without mentioning Anushka and her wedding day. Nothing much to say here as the world already knows every minute detail of Virushka’s wedding. All you have to do is go through her wedding pictures to steal ideas for your wedding.

5. Esha Deol

Did you know that the beautiful red and golden Neeta Lulla lehenga she wore on her wedding day was actually made by joining three Kanjeevaram sarees? Now you know how to give your wedding lehenga a perfect twist.




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