Choosing a destination is itself a hassle. Long weekends, where to go, what to do. Uggh!

So many questions?

Worry not, it’s not that very difficult as one could make it out to be.

Take out a paper and write down the points needed to make this decision.

àWhat’s the purpose of your travelling?

àWhere do you want to travel?

àWhat ‘s the budget for travel?

àWho all would be accompanying you and how are you going to manage the expenses?

àHow are going to travel as in medium of transportation needed?

Now, choose a destination and decide on the following questions-

àWhere will you stay?

àWhat all are you going to visit over that place?

Different places hold different beauties in sight. Not only you could visit the famous places or could go out on a solitary retrieve but you could learn a lot from different places and their local people.

It all depends whether you want to be a traveler or tourist?

Do you want to travel and see different places and come back and upload all those pictures or do want to travel and maybe learn the local language, make memories with the local people and come back with the knowledge that you gained an experience?

Lately, people have forgotten the real essence of travelling. They go to places and spend time in clicking pictures and the upload it on social media websites. They don’t understand the real meaning behind travelling. In-fact the true reason, no one finds peace even after travelling is because their objective is not clear. Pictures might give your next display picture update on websites but it won’t give the satisfaction of learning something new, creating, building or just feeling the presence of that place around you.

Travel to explore. Different places, their histories, the reason for their existence. Maybe you’ll find peace in the most unexpected places.

Keep exploring, keep travelling.

Good luck, Good-bye!